Monday, 25 August 2008

Tips for Build Swimming Pool

You say you're ready to start digging? Not so fast. A swimming pool is a way of life that is not always so rosy. The following caveats are not offered as a buzz kill but rather to provide a complete picture of what it means to own a swimming pool. Below this, I give you Tips for build swimming pool as you really want.

My first tips for build swimming pool, "I believe supervision of the construction of your pool by the pool company is one of the most important principles of professional pool building. Unfortunately, a lot of builders don't really check on their sub-contractors after each phase. Volume builders, that is companies that build hundreds of pools are the worst offenders of this principle. I know it seems that a big builder must be a good choice because they are so popular, but if you can find a builder that has good references and only builds maybe 15-20 pools a year, usually will personally supervise the construction of your pool and will be easier to contact regarding questions or problems that you may have. It is way better that being lost in the shuffle."

My second tips for build swimming pool,"there are a handfull of pool companies out there, some of which are NATIONAL VOLUME BUILDERS, that use unscrupulous tactics to collect installment checks as the pool construction progresses. Upon completion of the gunite phase it is general practice to pay the company 40% of the purchase price. After another phase they will have you pay 30% more, then another phase at 15% more. That leaves a final check of 15%. The key word here is FINAL. You would expect upon completion of the pool and when you are completely satisfied, that at that time you would pay the FINAL check. Not so with the companies to which I refer. They use that last phase, which is the plaster phase, as leverage to collect the FINAL check. They make you pay the FINAL check BEFORE plastering the pool, doing the final cleanup, or any other incompleted work on your pool. In other words "NO CHECK, NO PLASTER". I have heard from many upset customers, but they are at the mercy of the company at this point. Be very clear with the salesman about how the installments are to be paid."

Some companies will allow a completion clause in the contract that states that if the pool is not finished by a certain date, that they will deduct a specified amount of money for each day past the completion date. Request this.... my third tips for build swimming pool is the competition for your business just might be tough enough that they will provide this clause for you.

My Fourth tips for build swimming pool is get bids from several different companies and check references. The permit department keeps records of the permits pulled by the builders, that is where you want to get the references, not from the company. You don't think they would give you a bad reference to check out do you?

Finally, my tips for build swimming pool, a swimming pool requires weekly maintenance that can be time-consuming or a recurring expense if you hire a pool service. Pools heated by gas consume considerable energy, emitting carbon dioxide in the process, which contributes to global warming. Pools can take up a large area that might be used for other recreation, And pools can be a hazard to children and pets. Finally, if a future buyer is concerned about any of these issues, a swimming pool can actually detract from the saleability of your home.

All of this I said, swimming pools and spas really are fun and can be a terrific addition to your outdoor environment—and there are ways to solve or minimize most of these concerns.


Luxury Swimming Pool

Creating a spectacular luxury swimming pool and complementary surroundings requires careful attention to detail so that all backyard elements harmonize with each other, the home and the region's natural features.

"It is all about the aesthetic value of space and the environment," says exterior designer of luxury swimming pool, Mike Nantz of Elite Concepts, Lewisville, TX. "When you are dealing with Mother Nature and the natural topography, it is very important to blend the pool into its surroundings so that it seems to disappear within them."

As an example, a yard backing into a creek lends itself to a luxury swimming pool that gives the appearance of a pond that ties to the natural waterway, retaining as much indigenous vegetation as possible. By coordinating decking and colors to complement the home, the overall appearance can be enhanced even further.

Creating an authentic looking environment for luxury swimming pool at your home or hotel is important, particularly when blending natural and manmade materials. Even projects that rely almost entirely on natural boulders for their aesthetics will often have a concrete deck and a plaster pool. Keep in mind that darker interior finishes, such as colored plaster or a pebble or quartz finish, are more reflective, and they can enhance the authenticity of a natural pond look. Lighter colors replicate a sandy shore. Textured decking treatments, like stamped or brushed concrete, can also give natural stone designs geological realism.

With the right combination of material and craftsmanship, your backyard can conjure up a sandstone desert oasis, a rocky mountain stream or a secluded swimming alcove on a Caribbean island. And your backyard will change become a luxury swimming pool.


Swimming Pool Design

Your very own backyard oasis. Fun in the sun with your family and friends. Sounds great, doesn't it? You bet it does!

Your swimming pool design must also work with your property's individual and unique characteristics. Hawaiian Fiberglass glass pools work well in nearly every situation ... even where limited accessibility, expansive soils, space limitations, steeply sloping land or other considerations exist.

Take your time when considering your swimming pool design. Given thoughtful consideration, your swimming pool can become an attractive focal point in your backyard.

Large Pools - Over 34 feet long,
up to 16 feet wide

Medium Pools - 29 - 33 feet long,
up to 14 feet wide

Small Pools - 14 to 28 feet long,
up to 12 feet wide

Spa Sizes - 7 foot & 9 foot rounds

But there are so many great choices of swimming pool design out there. Above-ground. Inground. Aluminum. Steel. Fiber-glass. Concrete. What's a poor pool buyer to do?

Well, first of all, a little research. And that's exactly what we've done. We've put together some valuable information of swimming pool design to help you make the decision as to what might be the best pool for you and your family.

There are many factors to consider of swimming pool design, including: your budget; the size of your lot; how much time and money you want to spend on maintenance; and even what part of the country you live in. Be sure to remember to ask the following key questions for each type of pool you might be interested in:

1. Price: What's it actually going to cost me, including decking, landscaping and options?

2. Maintenance requirements: How much work do I have to do to keep it clean, and what types and quantities of chemicals do I need to buy?

3. Installation: How soon can I really go swimming?

4. Service: Do you take care of what you sell?

So if you're ready to take the plunge, read on. And just imagine coming home to your very own vacation hideaway -- right in your own back yard!