Monday, 25 August 2008

Luxury Swimming Pool

Creating a spectacular luxury swimming pool and complementary surroundings requires careful attention to detail so that all backyard elements harmonize with each other, the home and the region's natural features.

"It is all about the aesthetic value of space and the environment," says exterior designer of luxury swimming pool, Mike Nantz of Elite Concepts, Lewisville, TX. "When you are dealing with Mother Nature and the natural topography, it is very important to blend the pool into its surroundings so that it seems to disappear within them."

As an example, a yard backing into a creek lends itself to a luxury swimming pool that gives the appearance of a pond that ties to the natural waterway, retaining as much indigenous vegetation as possible. By coordinating decking and colors to complement the home, the overall appearance can be enhanced even further.

Creating an authentic looking environment for luxury swimming pool at your home or hotel is important, particularly when blending natural and manmade materials. Even projects that rely almost entirely on natural boulders for their aesthetics will often have a concrete deck and a plaster pool. Keep in mind that darker interior finishes, such as colored plaster or a pebble or quartz finish, are more reflective, and they can enhance the authenticity of a natural pond look. Lighter colors replicate a sandy shore. Textured decking treatments, like stamped or brushed concrete, can also give natural stone designs geological realism.

With the right combination of material and craftsmanship, your backyard can conjure up a sandstone desert oasis, a rocky mountain stream or a secluded swimming alcove on a Caribbean island. And your backyard will change become a luxury swimming pool.


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