Monday, 25 August 2008

Swimming Pool Design

Your very own backyard oasis. Fun in the sun with your family and friends. Sounds great, doesn't it? You bet it does!

Your swimming pool design must also work with your property's individual and unique characteristics. Hawaiian Fiberglass glass pools work well in nearly every situation ... even where limited accessibility, expansive soils, space limitations, steeply sloping land or other considerations exist.

Take your time when considering your swimming pool design. Given thoughtful consideration, your swimming pool can become an attractive focal point in your backyard.

Large Pools - Over 34 feet long,
up to 16 feet wide

Medium Pools - 29 - 33 feet long,
up to 14 feet wide

Small Pools - 14 to 28 feet long,
up to 12 feet wide

Spa Sizes - 7 foot & 9 foot rounds

But there are so many great choices of swimming pool design out there. Above-ground. Inground. Aluminum. Steel. Fiber-glass. Concrete. What's a poor pool buyer to do?

Well, first of all, a little research. And that's exactly what we've done. We've put together some valuable information of swimming pool design to help you make the decision as to what might be the best pool for you and your family.

There are many factors to consider of swimming pool design, including: your budget; the size of your lot; how much time and money you want to spend on maintenance; and even what part of the country you live in. Be sure to remember to ask the following key questions for each type of pool you might be interested in:

1. Price: What's it actually going to cost me, including decking, landscaping and options?

2. Maintenance requirements: How much work do I have to do to keep it clean, and what types and quantities of chemicals do I need to buy?

3. Installation: How soon can I really go swimming?

4. Service: Do you take care of what you sell?

So if you're ready to take the plunge, read on. And just imagine coming home to your very own vacation hideaway -- right in your own back yard!


Blogger Jen McCleve said...

What sorts of swimming pool designs would you suggest for someone who was looking for a pool mainly for leisure, but also wanted to host pool parties occasionally?

26 September 2011 at 17:53  
Blogger Federick said...

Nice Swimming pool designs, Every one looking best design for building a swimming pool.

10 May 2012 at 04:47  

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